VEX Robotics

Vex Robotics

This is an example of what the donation to the VEX Robotics achieved!

1.  150 VEX teams, 9 tournaments, a state championship at the Honolulu Community College and advanced a dozen teams to the world championship at the Anaheim Convention Center (Hawaii was still in the top 10 of the US states based on the # of teams)

2. 45 VEX IQ teams in a deliberately slow rollout; 2 qualifying and one state championship at Pearlridge (Hawaii was #1 in the US when a per capita basis is used); 7 of Hawaii teams advanced to the world championship with 4 finishing in the top 20 in the finals

Full lineup of VEX and VEX IQ tournaments this coming year; anticipate VEX IQ to be the program of choice in the future for younger students due to the way the kits and tournaments have been developed.

It is through support from organizations such as AFCEA that allows our programs to sustain and grow….a big mahalo.  AFCEA’s generous grant provided support to start up new teams, as well as support many other teams and events.

The new initiatives include the Navy sponsoring a RIMPAC vex tournament with Hawaii schools and Navy ship collaborating on a game challenge; a collaboration with Indonesia, specifically Bali which is a new sister state to Hawaii; a proposal to train DOD schools in the Pacific using VEX, etc.

We will be proposing legislation to support having an office to support project based learning in STEM such as robotics to provide a sustainable infrastructure and center.

Thanks so so much again for AFCEA’s support!

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